News February 2017

Benefice Update
The vicarage has been sold and an offer made by the Diocese on a bungalow which, although it will need some modifications to
make it suitable for a clergy house, will provide the accommodation essential for a ‘house-for-duty’ priest.
This progress means that the post can now be advertised – on the national and Diocesan church websites and in the ‘Church Times’ – and, as the Archdeacon commented, ‘we only need one applicant, if it’s the right one!’
Your PCCs have done their best to produce a ‘Statement of Needs’ which reflects all our wishes and concerns, and it’s up to others now to answer our hopes and prayers that we shall sometime this year once again have
a priest to care for the spiritual needs of our two parishes.

Welcome back, Joyce! After many months of ill health
Joyce Goldie has resumed her rightful place on the organ stool – she played
for the first time on Christmas  Day, and is keen once again to take on one Sunday a month.
Thank you to all the priests and readers who are helping to maintain services in our three churches during the interregnum: we are grateful
for their support and advice.
PCC meeting
To all members of the PCC, don’t forget that we have a meeting on 22 February! Do let Sarah know in advance if you wish to add anything to the
usual agenda.
We would love to hear from anyone who would like to join our readers’ team: all you have to do is to come to church on the Sunday allocated [about once every 6 weeks] and read one of the readings set for the day –
rotas are circulated well in advance and you can swop with someone if the particular day doesn’t suit. There’s a microphone at the lectern so you read
in your normal voice, no need to ‘declaim’! Do call or email Christine
[501727 or] If you’d like to have a go.

Visiting ringers at New Year came from Kenwyn – ringing
‘method’ not call changes as our own ringers do.