What’s On December 2018

Monday 3rd soup lunch Portloe 12.30 pm
Tuesday 4th Veryan WI Centenary lunch
Tuesday 4th Ringing practice Veryan 7.30 pm
Sunday 9th Veryan school PFA Chrstmas Fair from 2.30 pm
Wednesday 12th Old Cornwall Society, Gerrans, 7.30pm
Thursday 13th Veryan Parish Hall Christmas afternoon
Sunday 16th Veryan church carol service 6 pm
Tuesday 18th Veryan School Christmas service, Veryan church 7-8 pm
Thursday 20th Portloe Celebration of Christmas 7pm
Sunday 23rd Ruan church carol service 6 pm

Church Services December 2018

Sunday 2nd ADVENT
11 am Eucharist
Sunday 9th Advent 2
11 am Eucharist
Sunday 16th Advent 3
11 am Eucharist
Sunday 23rd Advent 4
8.30 am Holy Communion [BCP]
11 am Matins
11.30 pm Midnight Mass
Tuesday 25th CHRISTMAS DAY
11 am Eucharist
Sunday 30th Holy Family
11 am Eucharist

News December 2018

Thank you all for your support , involvement and interest over many years.
Maybe someone will in time feel moved to start a newstyle church and parish magazine – until then there will we hope be a monthly news sheet to promote local events and church services, and to keep us all in touch
with what’s happening.
BUT it probably won’t be delivered through your letterbox; because of printing costs (and the consequent collection of subscriptions, which does
take time) we’re trying an experiment: many of our readers have email, and provided you request the newsletter in that format we are happy to send it to you
Please contact Christine
c.edwards531@btinternet.com to order the news sheet by email.
It will also appear on our church websites, and a few copies will be printed for those without email.
Let’s hope it works!
Next news sheet – late December/early January.

Our service on Remembrance Sunday, like others, also commemorated
the centenary of the Armistice. The service had been specially prepared by Fr Doug using prayers, readings and hymns from the first Armistice
commemoration service of 1919 as well as the modern liturgy.
The church was full, the service began with the tolling of the
tenor bell, half-muffled (thank you, Arthur and David), included
traditional Remembrance music including Dido’s Lament,
Walton’s Solemn Melody, and Nimrod, and members of the congregation
lit candles during the singing of ‘O Valiant Hearts’ in memory of family and friends.
Wreaths were laid at the war memorial on behalf of the Parish
Council, Portloe church, and Veryan Women’s Institute, also marking its centenary this year. The school’s wreath had been laid on the previous Friday. The exhortation ‘They shall grow not old’ was read by John Leach and grandson Dominic, proudly wearing replicas of his grandfather’s
medals. Many thanks to Fr Doug for conducting the very moving
and memorable service.
And our bells, along with those in most other towers in the country,
were rung at 12.30 pm.
Christmas begins with the carol service on 16th with the Roseland
Churches Choir and all your favourite congregational carols.
Hope to see you all there!

What’s On November 2018

Tuesday 6th – Veryan WI – Parish Hall
Thursday 8th – Cornwall Hospice Care
Baked Potato Lunch – Parish Hall
Wednesday 14th – Old Cornwall Society
Gerrans Memorial Parish Hall
Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th
Veryan Players – Parish Hall

Church Services November 2018

Sunday 4th 4 before Advent
11 am Holy Communion
Father Doug
10.50 am
Remembrance services and Armistice centenary commemorations
Father Doug
Sunday 18th 2 before Advent
11 am Holy Communion
Sunday 25th Next before Advent: Christ the King

8.30 am Holy Communion
11am Matins

What’s On October 2018

Tuesday 2nd Veryan WI meeting, Parish Hall, 7.30 pm
Friday 5th Theatre company Veryan Parish Hall 7.30 pm
Sunday 7th HARVEST FESTIVAL EVENSONG Veryan church 6 pm
Sunday 7th Veryan Parish Hall Supper and music 7 pm
Wednesday 10th Old Cornwall society, Gerrans, 7.30 pm
Wednesday 10th Portloe church meeting 7 pm
Saturday 27th Ruan church coffee morning 10.30-12

News October 2018

We’ve had an impressive number of visitors this summer, some as usual
looking for graves of former family members, others visiting the ‘Hera’
grave, but recently we have had several enquiries about ‘Mr Trist’: why, we
wondered? We suggested the mausoleum behind the tower: no, not that one; the memorials close to the altar for Jeremiah and Samuel;
no, not that one; and eventually asking why people were suddenly keen on
this former vicar’s family, we learnt that there was a published ‘treasure trail’ which included a question about Samuel Pendarves Trist, the one who restored the well in 1913; ‘oh’, they all said, ‘we didn’t have to go into the church at all then’…
However, look at Veryan’s visitors’ book to restore your faith: ‘lovely to have a church that is open’, ‘thank you for a lovely service’, ‘a lovely and peaceful spot for quiet contemplation’. Many of our visitors live in busy
and noisy towns and the quietness of our countryside, our churchyard and
our church is clearly very special. We thank them for visiting us, and are glad to provide a quiet haven for them all.

We are very grateful to our churchwarden David for taking the service on 16
September when Philip was on holiday: he threatened us with a 40-minute sermon which thankfully he ‘hadn’t had time to prepare’!
Church heating
More seriously, we have had notification from our electricity supplier that the cost of heating will increase dramatically this year, to the level where we will not be able to afford to pay. Weekly collections help but are nowhere near the amount we need. Options so far suggested include not using the storage heaters [with what effect on the church fabric? – but the
building has stood for centuries without any heating at all], using under-pew heaters only in a few seats and all sitting together rather than scattered
around the church; and charging other users for the power they use. And we
need to be much more aware about turning off lights, power, and closing
doors! And why not simply put on another jumper?

Magazine News October 2018

From the Editor…
Well, nobody has volunteered to take on ‘Parish News’ in any format, so this is the penultimate issue .
It has been fun to edit the magazine for what I was surprised to discover has been fifteen years.
In February 2003 Graham Salmon asked me to share the editing after Mike Lane retired. When Graham also retired Brian Perman for a short while shared the editing, and he developed the magazine from a modest
A5 booklet to the present 16-page A4 format with illustrations.

More recently I have been the only editor, and with Paul Robins’ help the magazine now appears in full colour on our church websites as well as in ‘hard copy’ for local distribution and posting ‘out of parish’.
I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all our contributors, regular and occasional, our ‘church’ reporters, organisers of local events, and our school, for providing varied and interesting articles and reports over so many years. It all takes time and commitment and a strict adherence to
deadlines and I am deeply grateful to you all. And of course our loyal advertisers have supported the publication of the ‘News’ for many years.
So what next?
In the past year we have issued in alternate months a brief ‘newsletter’ with brief notices and information about events and activities in our churches and parishes. And we would like to continue this in 2019 with an issue each
month, BUT chiefly as an emailed or online version. Our delivery team’s average age is well over ‘retirement’ and a few would like to retire. Given that many of us have access to email, all we need is your email address and an agreement to receive the newsletter in electronic format.
Please email me [c.edwards531@btinternet.com] to say ’please email me the benefice newsletter in 2019’ with your name and email address and I’ll make sure it arrives in your in box!
For those without computer access, a few copies will be printed and left in our churches for you to collect. There will be no copies delivered or posted.
This new format will allow the newsletter to be flexible in size and content – and of course it will be free both by email and on the church websites. Yolande will help with the editing – a [fairly] willing volunteer!
And finally, thank you to you, our readers, for your
loyalty and support over the years.