Duo NIHZ – Kernow Concerts Review

Duo Nihz@Veryan

The wonderfully talented duo of Bobby Rootveld and Sanna van Elst may have left Cornwall for the Scandinavian leg of their 8-week world tour, but they will certainly never be forgotten!
Four nights that Ben Salfield described as “sheer madness… but MY sort of madness” included every conceivable emotion, and had members of the audiences laughing and crying at each recital. From tales of complete joy to the misery and murder of the Shoah (Holocaust) and before, there was everything and more that the audience could possibly have expected.
Bobby’s extroverted character extended dramatically into the concert, as he performed magic tricks, balanced guitars and did crazy things with ping pong balls; while Sanna’s calmness held each show together. Bobby’s virtuosic ability on the guitar was matched by the clarity and angelic tones of Sanna’s voice, and her amazing improvisational talents on different sorts of recorder. Audience participation was required at various points, and even that was of the highest quality!
Duo NIHZ will be back in Cornwall – that’s for sure!
Click HERE to see them perform the first piece on their opening night.