News April 2016


What a lovely surprise a few Sundays ago to find bunches of flowers and pots of daffodils outside the church porch, with a note saying that they had been provided by ‘CHAOS’. Few of us knew what this organisation was: it was set up in our neighbourhood to help the disadvantaged in society in many practical ways. ‘Random acts of kindness’ include the distribution of supermarket goods donated to the charity close to their sell-by date: hence the gifts of flowers. Recipients are asked in return to do something for someone else, so passing on the ‘kindnesses’. The ‘chaos theory’ is the one that says that if a butterfly flaps its tiny wings somewhere on the planet, some time later somewhere else a chain reaction will cause something interesting to happen… We hope to feature the work of CHAOS in a future issue.


has temporarily lost one of its faces: the huge gale in early March took the whole of the face from the north side of the church, fortunately causing no real damage to people or to the building, but requiring a major repair. Our insurers have been informed, and we await its restoration. Meanwhile many thanks to David Truscott for dealing so competently with the situation.

The ANNUAL PAROCHIAL MEETING will be held in church at 7pm on Wednesday 13 April, followed by a PCC meeting. If you are not on the Electoral Roll but would like to be , contact Sarah Rundle [01872 500950]