News January 2017

At the time of writing we are still enjoying Christmas events and services, and a huge thank you to everyone who makes this special time of year so
memorable – for organising services, decorating the church, reading at our carol service, helping in so many ways seen and unseen – you
know who you are! We couldn’t manage without so many people giving time and talents for our church.
Advertising for a new parish priest [‘house-for-duty’] will begin in January and we hope that someone will soon be appointed to take on the rôle. Yes, we can manage the dayto- day practicalities, but the spiritual guidance and support which a resident priest can offer is more important than many of us realise, until we are without it!
In the past year we have noted in our visitors’ books the many families who return to their forebears’ parishes to visit graves and try to find out how they lived and worked. These too are our parishioners, in a way – even though they come from ‘up-country’ or even overseas. Family ties are strong and we need to encourage and develop contact with our visitors: the article on page 11 of the January Magazine is an example of a century old mystery being solved because of a family connection.