News May 2016

At the recent annual meeting the two churchwardens were unanimously
re-elected, as were the sidesmen. It would be so good if we could encourage a few more to volunteer to help at services – it isn’t a complicated task, but it does mean that preparation for, and just as importantly, clearing up after, services can be shared among more than a very few loyal helpers! Do have a word with David or Robin if you would like to help occasionally (the more there are, the less often your name appears on the rota!)
And it’s the same with readers – for all kinds of reasons we have a much shorter list than we had a few years ago – do have a word with Christine if you would like to ‘have a go’.
The storm damage to the clock is currently being investigated by our insurers, but associated repairs not caused by the storm may require even more expense.
Easter services were lovely, well attended and the flowers and Easter garden much admired by parishioners and visitors, who appreciated the many hours of work needed to achieve such glorious displays.
We have been invited to provide teas at Crugsillack when the garden opens to the public on 17 July, with proceeds going to the church – if you can help please contact one of the churchwardens.