September News 2016

Our recent PCC meeting was held in school, as the hall had already
been booked; we had not realised how small the chairs would be! It
certainly concentrated the minds and the meeting was shorter than
usual… But we were grateful for the room [it was ringing practice
night, too , so we couldn’t have used the church!]
Canon Ken, our Rural Dean, came along to explain the initial process
necessary in the selection of a new priest.
As we are currently ‘in suspension’ [that means we have no parish priest] the meeting had to appoint a Lay Chairman [someone who isn’t a priest]. Christine Edwards is now the PCC’s chairman for the next year with David
Elliott as vice-chairman.
The matter of winter services was discussed, especially the early service at Veryan once a month [on the 4th Sunday, 8.30 am].
The average congregation at this service is modest in number, and
the PCC will be looking at the possibility of rescheduling it: regular worshippers’ comments are sought.
The Quinquennial Report has been received  and the churchwardens
will prioritise works required to be done.
We were sorry to learn that Robin Hart no longer finds it possible to
play for 11 am services on a regular basis. Doreen Freeman has
agreed to play on first and third Sundays, but on some Sundays it
can be difficult to find a willing organist; if any of our readers
would like to volunteer, for organ or piano, the churchwardens
would love to hear from you!